It seems as if every year a new movie comes out that features a previously skinny actor transforming his body into a muscular and completely ripped machine. After which the internet is a buzz with questions on how he achieved such a look so quickly and there is always speculation that the celebrity must be on steroids. From Christian Bale to Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity to the actors in 300 and even Brad Pitt in Fight Club (even though he weighed about 155-160 pounds) have all been the target of speculation of steroid use as the source of the body transformations. I think that this undermines the hard work of the actors and trainers involved as well as the amazing adaptability of the human body and so I have come up with five reasons why your favorite actor or celebrity probably did not use steroids to achieve their body transformations.

Can Always Train

An actor that needs to play the part of a fighter, warrior, or superhero has months in advance to train before he has to appear before the camera and millions of dollars in his contract on the line to achieving the perfect body. I remember reading an interview with Ryan Reynolds about his workout for Blade Trinity and him saying that all told he had about five months in which to prepare. Think about that, five months in which all you need to do is focus on prepare for a role and working out to get the look that your character requires. Dedicating yourself to anything for months at a time is going to get you extreme results and believe me you wouldn’t need steroids to put on crazy muscle mass with that time frame and all the incentive in the world to train.

Rest and Recovery

For the average person with a regular nine to five job working out 5-6 days a week complete with heavy lifting, fight training, and cardio would be a very difficult thing to not only schedule but to recover from. Sleep helps your body not only repair and allow your muscles to rest but it also helps them to grow. With the type of training that these actors put themselves to getting a proper eight hours of sleep with a nap in the middle of the day can accelerate gains to the maximum level.

Perfect Diet and Supplementation

When it comes to training and getting the perfect body that you want nutrition is the most important aspect. Now for our movie star this would be no problem at all when you can hire a nutritionist to plan out the perfect diet to put on huge amounts of muscle in such a short period of time and hire a personal chef who will prepare every single meal for you. Hell, there are natural bodybuilders out there who have the complete discipline to stick to a clean diet and see amazing changes to their physiques while holding down full time jobs so an actor who has a team of experts can’t do it without steroids?

Best Trainers

The personal trainers that your favorite celebrity hires aren’t the same guy that trains old ladies down at your local gym. These are elite trainers that also train world class athletes the rest of the year and can turn anybody with the right dedication into an absolute machine. With these types of experts by your side you could easily gain .5-1 lb of muscle per week and look very cut in the process. With the best of everything you wouldn’t need to be on the juice because your body can do amazing things on its own.

Camera makes the results even more impressive

Yes these actors achieved amazing results and in real life their bodies would still be impressive but looking at yourself in a mirror or with a digital camera looks a lot different than the cinematography of a film. Camera angles, lighting, and editing work done after filming can make someone look even more muscular or ripped. In fact if the actor put on muscle but focused more on extreme fat loss he would probably look much better on film than if he just bulked up by 20-30 lbs.

While I’m not saying in this article that no actors or celebrities have ever used steroids it is dumb to say that everyone who pushes themselves to the limit and has the best training and diet available to them has to be doing something illegal. Even with taking steroids they would still have to put in the work but don’t assume that someone is using performance enhancing drugs just because they achieved the results that an average person will never accomplish. That average person who hits the gym a few times a week and has very little discipline in their diets would never go through what it takes to get the body that these celebrities have worked very hard to get. It is possible to get the ‘perfect’ superhero body and there are plenty of non celebrities out there right now that have done so without using any steroids or hormones just using the lost art of hard work and dedication.