Top 3 Steroid Abusers in Major League Baseball History

Just when the popularity of Major League Baseball was making a huge comeback during the nineteen nineties, it would seem that all was well in the storied land of Americas’ favorite pastime. When all seemed to fare well for Major League Baseball, the game would begin to take a turn for the worse when many major leaguers would be accused of taking steroids during the end of the nineteen ninety nine season.

As Major League Baseball heads of state turned a blind eye on the steroid abuse that was damming the game, all that seemed to matter at the time was which player was hitting the most home runs.

There would be three major leaguers that would ultimately change the face of the game. Die hard baseball fans felt excited when Roger Maris home run record was shattered by Mark McGwire in 1998, but all of those feel good moments would be overshadowed by the dark secrets that surrounded the truth about steroid abuse in professional baseball.

And so, the sad and damming tale begins of three major leaguers who help ruin the game of Major League Baseball.

Mark McGwire won Rookie of the Year in 1987 and was touted to be an upcoming superstar in the world of Major League Baseball. When McGwire hit 49 home runs during his rookie year, it was without the use of steroids, and his natural talents would be the beginning of a wonderful baseball career. During 1996 Mark McGwire would hit 52 home runs, and the foregoing year he would hit 58 home …

Texas HS Sports Participants to Face Steroid Tests

Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed into law Senate Bill 8, which requires random drug testing of all high school sports participants. The law, which goes into effect this coming fall, gives Texas high schools funding to test approximately 25,000 of the state’s 740,000 athletes over a two-year period.

The testing will be administered by the University Interscholastic League (UIL). So far, the UIL has instituted the penalty structure for students who fail the random test. There is a penalty for first time offenders of a 30 day suspension from the participant’s sport. The second offense would result in a one year suspension, and if a student fails a third test then he or she would be banned from all sports.

In addition to the penalty structure, any student who tests positive for steroids may not return to play until a subsequent test has been taken at the student’s expense and passed.

There are already 127 school districts in Texas which test for steroids. However, Texas is only the second state to mandate testing for all athletes. New Jersey also tests high school students, but only at state championships.

According the The Dallas Morning News, a few UIL council members expressed concern that the penalties are not stiff enough. For example, Kay Waggoner, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD superintendent, proposed that the penalties be applied during competition season only, since a 30-day ban during the off-season, such a football player testing positive in the spring, would not suffer the consequences.

In addition, Curtis Culwell, Garland ISD superintendent, suggest a lengthier ban for first-time …