The Ongoing Saga of Steroids in Baseball

Major League Baseball continues to be battered by the specter of steroids. Unfortunately for the sport, it seems to be unavoidable, and something that is not going to stop anytime soon. As the chemically enhanced, muscle-bound Barry Bonds swung his way into the record books recently, passing Hank Aaron as the all time home run leader, the league has still not found a way to effectively address the issue that continues to poison the sport.

One of the main problems seems to be with the leadership of the game. Commissioner Bud Selig, a former owner of a team himself, has proven time and time again that he is little more than a puppet, acting out the will of the owners. Both baseball ownership and Selig were aware of steroid use during the McGwire- Sosa explosion of home runs several years ago, but were unwilling to set up a system of testing or punitive measures within the game. The reason for this, in a ward, was money. Fans were flocking to the ballpark to see the long ball, filling the coffers of both the league and the owners at record rates. The lack of action set up a competitive environment in which many players most likely felt forced to take steroids or human growth hormones just to stay competitive. It has been fairly well documented that Barry Bonds himself started using chemical enhancers after he became envious of all the attention that Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa received during their home run race.

Jason Giambi, one of the few players to …

Should Steroid Users in Baseball Be Eligible for the Hall of Fame?

To some people it’s simple. Performance enhancing drug users cheated and that should automatically disqualify them for the Hall of Fame (HOF). If a law student is taking the bar exam and answers 95% correctly on his own but gets caught cheating on one question, they don’t say well he passed without the question he cheated on so we will pass him anyway. I get that. However I don’t think it is this simple.

Conversely, one could argue that the era was corrupt and it is unfair that the players are getting all of the blame when the union and management are getting off the hook. And how do you figure out who used versus who didn’t? Further, how do you factor in those who got caught while others you just have suspicions? No. The issue isn’t that complicated either.

At one time or another many people speed when they drive. Some people get tickets, some don’t. That’s life. We can’t let everybody off the hook because some people don’t get caught. You know what you’re doing when you put your foot on the accelerator. You roll the dice, you break the law or commit a violation, that is what it is.

I reduce the debate to two questions: Is the HOF an honor for a player? Or is it a historical museum of record? If I was a voter and I believed the former I would vote against anyone getting into the HOF that I believed beyond a preponderance of the evidence used steroids or any PED. If I …

Barry Bonds Didn’t Take Steroids! Serious Argument from a Furious Fan

Barry Bonds did not do it! Well, maybe he did cheat, but like Bud Selig said, he is “innocent until proven guilty.”

During the All-Star Game break Bonds defended himself on Fox Television Network.

“I feel sad about somebody that judges another person over a third-party’s [opinion]. You’re allowing that person to dictate your opinions about me. And that’s sad for me.”

That may not be a strong defense, but he raises a good point: the majority of his critics are third parties. They repeat what they hear, not what they know from experience.

Curt Shilling is a prime example. He criticizes Bonds, but what does he know? Has he ever played with him? He is basing it all on third party information, just like many others who judge Bonds prematurely. Some who have played with Bonds have negative comments about him, and that is relevant first-hand information, but their comments have to be taken in stride with the positives as well.

Jim Leyland, his former manager, says, “We’re very close and I have the utmost respect for him…I’ll always be one of the guys that’s very happy for Barry”

When people take time to rationally consider what Bonds has accomplished, they actually realize that he is not as fake as it seems.

Take his size for instance. He may be bigger than he was in his rookie season, but no one can verify that it is due to steroids. He has played Major League Baseball for twenty-two years. Of course, he is going to grow over that time period …

The “Steroids Era” on Trial: Barry Bonds at Bat and Roger Clemens on Deck

A jury was just picked for the Barry Bonds perjury trial on Monday, March 21, 2011, and everyone involved can’t wait to get started.

“Gentlemen, start your eng…” wait, that’s a totally different sport; can’t use that phrase. Okay, “Let’s get ready to rum…” stop. Nope, can’t use that one either (might actually get sued by that guy I hear). Maybe, “Let’s get this party star…” Naaaah. How about “And they’re off…” halt! Man, can’t even use that one. I’ve got it, “Play Ball!”

Of course, that one may seem appropriate when talking about Bonds’ trial beginning, since the sport Bonds played was baseball, but in truth, it’s actually not that appropriate at all. After all, if Bonds had played ball (in the courtroom; not on the ball field), or if his trainer, Greg Anderson, had, this trial would never be taking place.

In my opinion, it still shouldn’t be taking place, but my opinion counts for very little even here on Bing Sports, let alone in a court of law. I’m doubting any of the players in this drama would care to hear me expound on what I think of this entire three-ring circus.

However, you, my dear reader, are my captive, and will be forced through all sorts of torturous means to realize my every inane thought on the subject. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to keep you captive, but I’m working on it (perhaps some chains and handcuffs? Nah, those are for something else later).

So, Bonds is up to bat, and there’s still …

Are Over-the-Counter Steroid Creams Safe?

Oral steroid medications are frequently used to treat medical problems associated with inflammation. Conditions such as a severe allergic reaction, autoimmune disease, asthma, or inflammatory bowel disease where inflammation is a problem often respond to oral steroids. Unfortunately, oral steroids are associated with a long list of side effects that are more common when these drugs are used at high doses for long periods of time. In cases where inflammation is a prominent feature, but the problem is superficial such as a bad case of poison ivy, there are over-the-counter steroid creams available to treat the itching and reduce the inflammation. Over-the-counter steroid creams found in drugstores have lower concentrations of the active steroid ingredient than do prescription strength topical steroid creams.

Over-the-counter steroid creams are sold for treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and contact dermatitis. Most people assume because they’re sold without a prescription that they must be safe. Although the concentrations of active steroids in drugstore creams is much lower than those available by prescription, over-the-counter steroid creams can still have side effects.

When an over-the-counter steroid cream is applied to the skin, a certain amount of it is absorbed, although the amount is usually quite low. If there are breaks in the skin, as might be the case with a bad contact dermatitis or eczema, absorption will likely be higher. Despite this, the more serious side effects seen with oral steroid medications are usually not seen with over-the-counter steroid creams and they’re generally deemed to be safe in terms of the risk of serious health …

Celebrities on Steroids: 5 Reasons that Actor Didn’t Use Steroids to Get that Body

It seems as if every year a new movie comes out that features a previously skinny actor transforming his body into a muscular and completely ripped machine. After which the internet is a buzz with questions on how he achieved such a look so quickly and there is always speculation that the celebrity must be on steroids. From Christian Bale to Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity to the actors in 300 and even Brad Pitt in Fight Club (even though he weighed about 155-160 pounds) have all been the target of speculation of steroid use as the source of the body transformations. I think that this undermines the hard work of the actors and trainers involved as well as the amazing adaptability of the human body and so I have come up with five reasons why your favorite actor or celebrity probably did not use steroids to achieve their body transformations.

Can Always Train

An actor that needs to play the part of a fighter, warrior, or superhero has months in advance to train before he has to appear before the camera and millions of dollars in his contract on the line to achieving the perfect body. I remember reading an interview with Ryan Reynolds about his workout for Blade Trinity and him saying that all told he had about five months in which to prepare. Think about that, five months in which all you need to do is focus on prepare for a role and working out to get the look that your character requires. Dedicating yourself to anything …

Things I Hate #1-Steroid Using Scumbag Cheats

Just so we’re clear-the Major League record for home runs in a season is 61, held by Roger Maris. The Major League record for home runs in a career is 755, held by Hank Aaron. Period. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds can kiss my ass! I realize that this subject has been hashed and re-hashed ad nauseam, but since the Barry Bonds perjury trial has gotten underway, my blood is once again approaching a rolling boil. See, I don’t give a rat’s ass that he lied to a grand jury, what I care about is that he stole a good chunk of baseball history and to me baseball’s history is sacred. Let’s face it, baseball was a popular pro sport probably 50 years before the other pro sports even existed! No other sport can even attempt to claim the traditions of baseball. So when you sneak into the john and stick a needle in your butt in an attempt to stomp all over those same traditions for your personal gain-you’re a scumbag, pure and simple.

Many people argue, with some validity, that the U.S. government shouldn’t be wasting time prosecuting athletes while certain Wall Street bankers are still free to walk among us. To my way of thinking they should be doing both. Others wonder why baseball has taken so much heat when everyone in their right mind knows that most football players are juiced. Well, I’ll tell you why:

∙ 90% of all football players are nameless plugs you wouldn’t know if they stepped on you. There …

Steroids for Pets – More Harm than Good?

Steroids are always in the news because of professional athlete use, but did you know steroids are also often used by veterinarians for a variety of reasons. Pet use of steroids is often used for allergies because it is an anti-inflammatory. While the steroids often relieve the problem, the side effects could be greater than the illness.

As an animal lover I came face to face with this reality about a year ago. My poodle, Samantha, suffered from diabetes for a few weeks earlier in the year. After regulating her diet and exercise she was able to stop taking insulin doses for almost a year. At her regular check up Samantha was given a distemper shot along with her yearly check up. A few days later I noticed a large lump on Samantha in the area where her veterinarian had administered the distemper shot. Not realizing immediately what it was I called the vet’s office and explained the problem. I was told to bring her back and they would look at it. The veterinarian looked at it and said it was caused by the distemper shot not fully releasing or dispersing into my dog’s system. He then administered a steroid shot to help with the inflammation. Shortly thereafter, Samantha again was showing signs of diabetes with excessive drinking and urination. After doing some research online I found that steroids can often lead to diabetes in dogs that are predisposed to the disease. Nearly a year later, Samantha is still on insulin twice an day. I now wish I had done …

If Alex Rodriguez was on Steroids, How Many Home Runs Would he Hit? 1,000?

On August 4th, 2007 Barry Bonds hit his 755th home run to tie Hank Aaron for the all-time lead. On the same day Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th home run. Alex Rodriguez is the youngest player to reach 500 home runs and everybody expects that one day he will pass Barry Bonds in career home runs.

It’s easy to see why people think Alex Rodriguez will surpass Barry Bonds. Alex Rodriguez is only 32 and has stayed healthy his whole career. Many people think he can easily play until he’s 40, maybe a couple more years after that. Even if his home runs per game dropped to 35 a season he would break the record by the time he is 40.

I don’t want to know how many home runs Alex Rodriguez will hit if he continues to hit his average though. I want to know how many home runs Alex Rodriguez will hit if he had an explosion of home runs like Barry Bonds did, which is allegedly because of steroids.

According to some, Barry Bonds started using steroids after the 1998 season because he was jealous of all the attention Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were getting for the single season home run chase. I’m not going to say that Barry Bonds definitely took steroids because I don’t know, but let’s just say for the sake of argument that it was the reason for his increase in home runs. What if A-Rod got jealous of Barry Bonds and started taking steroids and the same increase in home runs?…

Steroid Use in Sports

I’m sure most people out there have heard of steroids and have a preconceived idea of them already. But how bad can they be? They are used in medicine worldwide and save lives. So why are they viewed in a negative way?

Before I begin, I want to say that I have played college football and have seen the effects of steroids upfront and personal. I have been tempted to take them myself and have done two years of research on the subject. This does not certify me as an expert in anyway, but I know a few things and would like to share them.

So what are exactly steroids? Well, there are two types of main steroids. You have your Cortico Steroids, used in medicine daily to reduce inflammation and pain. Common found in cortisone shots to reduce extreme pain. The other main type of steroids are anabolic steroids which are the ones that I will be talking about. Anabolic steroids basically are fake hormones put into your body to help build muscle faster and recover faster. For example, if the average testosterone levels were five on scale one to ten, being on steroids would make you a ten. Their main use is to make muscle but they have there place in medicine as well.
Now Anabolic steroids are the ones that are perceived as being bad in the media, but why? They save cancer and HIV/AIDS patients lives everyday, but breakdown a NFL linebacker? If taken properly, anabolic steroids could theoretically be taken forever with little harm. Now, …