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Historical Timeline  Clonmel Rugby Football Club, Ardgaoithe, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

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Supervision and Safety

Adult/Player Ratio
Staffing ratios are difficult to prescribe as they will vary according to activity, location and resources. It is important to ensure that there are enough people to be able to cope with the number of children participating in any activity and adequately respond to an emergency.
As a guide, a ratio of 1:10 should be considered as a minimum requirement where players are 11 years of age or older. For younger players or situations involving travel, the ratio should increase depending on the requirements or the activity the group will be involved in.
 Age and gender of the group.
 Where girls are involved ensure a mix of male and female adults.
 Type of activity (training, traveling orsocial) to be undertaken.
 Time involved.
 Experience of the adults (coaches,managers and helpers/assistants)involved.
 Previous experience with group or club and likely behaviour.
 Legal requirements.
 Location of activity or event and type of travel involved.
 Suitability of the adults.
 Players are never left unattended.
 Adequate numbers of coaches/ helpers are available to supervise all activities.
 Coaches and managers know at all times where the players are and what they are doing.
 Dangerous behaviour should not be tolerated at any stage.
 Ensure the respect for the privacy of all young people in changing rooms, showers and toilets.
 All participants are informed beforehand of what behavior will be accepted and not accepted from them.
 Those who are operating in a supervisory role should have access to adequate first aid material as well as all important local phone numbers such as doctor, dentist, parental phone numbers for players, An Garda Siochana, PSNI and ambulance.
The Club-house:
 Inform Age-Grade Players of the areas in the club house allocated to them.
 Inform Age-Grade Players of times they will be allowed in the bar area of the club and what areas will be off limit to them.
 Ensure all facilities are safe and up to the required standards.
 Ensure there are sufficient facilities for the number of Age-Grade Players and Sports Leaders.
 Club policy regarding alcohol and Age-Grade Players must be clear and visible in the club.
 All age grade activities at the club must be supervised by Sports Leaders and relevant adults
 Ensure there are sufficient medical facilities and equipment.
The Changing Rooms:
 Should always be sufficient and clean.
 Changing rooms should be supervised by leaders, remaining outside with easy access in case of an incident
 There should be sufficient separate changing facilities if teams consist of boys and girls; this relates to mini-rugby.
 In the event of mixed teams there should be a female adult to supervise the changing area for girls.
Playing and Training areas:
 the playing and training area(s) are clean, safe and ready before use.
 all equipment needed is clean, safe and of the standard required.
 vehicle access at all times to the training or playing area.
 each team knows where their designated playing/training area is.
 all activities to be safe and appropriate to the age group.
 activities are supervised by Sports Leaders of the club.
Safety Practices
Safe management practices will not only enable a club to run smoothly and efficiently, but it will also help to minimise opportunities for accidents or harm to happen to children.
Some points to consider
Age-Grade Players:
 Have defined criteria for membership of the club.
 Have a registration system for all players (and upload to clubhouse).
 Keep a record on each player regarding medical details and needs as well as all contact numbers.
 Ensure that all activities are properly supervised.
 The IRFU insurance, which is limited in nature and extent, covers all registered players. It is strongly recommended for Age-Grade Players, to have also their own personal accident insurance cover in place.
Sports Leader:
 Follow the recommended adult:child supervision ratios
 Have completed the IRFU’s recruitment process, including signing the Declaration of Intent, available at the ‘Recruitment’ section.
 Have a clear title and area of responsibility
 Have attended appropriate coaching courses and related safeguarding and welfare training
 all buildings used are safe and of the required standard.
 that there is at all times sufficient heating and ventilation.
 toilets, shower areas and washing facilities are up to standard.
 that fire precautions are in place and visible within the club.
 that first aid facilities and equipment are adequate.
 access at all times to a phone.
 equipment is checked regularly and up to standard.
 insurance cover is adequate
 risk assessments are complete

Before a training session starts:
 playing area and equipment is safe
 vehicle access to the playing area.
 a qualified first-aid person is accessible.
 first aid equipment and or medical room is available.
 access to a phone.
 an ‘Incident Log’ is kept by those in a supervisory capacity for the purposes of recording incidents which may occur which do not necessarily qualify as accidents or injuries requiring medical attention. These should be given to the CWO for safe keeping. All serious incidents or injuries should be clearly recorded, describing what happened, the circumstances, who was involved, and how the situation was resolved.
If an Accident/Incident occurs:
Assess the situation and alert appropriate medical support if required.
For Minor injuries:
 Ensure only appropriately-qualified First Aid personnel assist the injured person.
 Never give medication or drugs of any kind without professional / suitably qualified support.
 Always inform parents / guardians of the incident and actions taken as soon as possible.
For Serious injuries:
 When injured Age-Grade Player cannot be moved, take other Age-Grade Players away and ensure they are supervised.
 If in doubt, send immediately for an ambulance. Do not move or touch the injured Age-Grade Player unnecessarily. Keep the injured Age-Grade Player stationary until qualified medical person(s) arrive.
 Ensure access to the playing area for emergency vehicles.
 Inform the parents/guardian of the injured Age-Grade Player.
 Implement the accident reporting procedures/policies of the club/Branch or IRFU, see
First Aid equipment:
 Bags and/or boxes should be made from suitable materials designed to protect the contents therein and should be clearly marked.
 Contents should only contain items which first-aid persons have been trained to use.
 There should be sufficient quantities of the items available at all times and check the bag regularly to ensure the contents are not out of date.
 The use of all equipment, medications, bandages etc. should always be directed or supervised by a suitably qualified person.
 Advanced First-Aid equipment, e.g. Defibrillator machine, must be maintained in good working order

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